Markus Ursprung

As an economist with a flair for marketing, I like to combine analytics and comprehensive financial knowledge with creativity and communication skills.


With more than 25 years of working experience, I have gathered comprehensive knowledge in various sectors of the financial industry. Starting as a relationship manager in a retail bank, further to product management and later in leading roles in marketing and communications teams in both Swiss as well as global companies.

Key positions

  • 5 years as relationship manager in retail banking at UBS in Uster
  • 5 years as team leader product management investment services at Credit Suisse in Zurich
  • 6 months International Retail Banking Program in Palo Alto with a work assignment at Greater Bay Bank Corporation in San Francisco, USA 
  • 5 years head of marketing and communications at Private Bank Hofmann in Zurich
  • 10 years head of marketing and communications Switzerland at Fidelity International in Zurich